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Does your website need to be updated? Let's fix it!

Maintenance services for

online website.

To keep your website running and optimised, you need to keep investing in it because new technologies, better extensions and better security are emerging all the time. To improve your online presence you need a secure and optimised website. Invest in your online business.
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Basic Website

Basic Website

Even a basic website needs regular basic maintenance to keep up with security updates and CMS platform optimization.

Business Website

Business Website

A business presentation website will probably have more pages and use more extensions. It is important that all are up to date.

Online Shop

Online Shop

An online shop has a complex structure and implements various extensions, security, optimization and operation. It is vital that these are updated all the time.

Premium services

Website Maintenance Prices

Basic Package

30€ / maintenance service

Occasional services at the client's request, although my recommendation would be that this be done monthly. Available on request and monthly package with minimum 6 month contract.

  • Periodic CMS platform version update
  • Periodic theme and plugin update
  • Fix compatibility errors between plugins and theme

Advanced Package

45€ / maintenance service

Extended package for those who want to implement new extensions in their website

  • Theme updates, Cms platform and extensions already installed.
  • Installation, configuration and optimization of new extensions. Up to 3 extensions
  • Fix compatibility errors between plugins and theme

Diana's Web Design
a proudly European company!

Welcome to Diana’sWeb Website Maintenance Services!

Just like a car needs regular check-ups to run smoothly, your website needs upkeep too. Whether it’s a website or an online store, keeping it updated is essential. Fresh content, new images, and the latest features – these all help keep your online presence vibrant and engaging. But we know that as a busy business owner, you might not always have time to look after your website. That’s where we come in. We offer two types of maintenance services. You can hire us by the hour, perfect if you just need a few updates here and there. Or, if you want peace of mind knowing your website is always in good hands, you can opt for our monthly contract. With a monthly contract, we’re like your personal website caretaker, regularly checking and updating your site so it continues to perform its best. At Diana’sWeb, we’re here to make website maintenance easy for you. So you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Let’s keep your website in top shape together!

Web Design

Classic or modern web design. Responsive for computer, mobile and tablet.

Online Shop Websites

Regardless of the number of products. Create fully functional online shops.

Web Maintenance

Maintenance services, Setup and configuration of external accounts, Installation of extensions and modules.

Link Building Services

Links to your page. Relevant, authoritative, manually created.

Content Writing

High quality and SEO optimized for website or guest posting.

SEO Services.

Custom services for organic traffic growth in search engines. Specialized in Local Business SEO

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